The e-commerce assessment

Secure not only your company, but also your webshop. 

Web stores are targets of attack!

The domain is probably the most well-known, public element of a company. Accordingly, the URL and the and the infrastructure behind it are a central gateway for cyber attacks.

DDos attacks, SQL injections, and phishing Simulations are only the known tip of the iceberg.Because the attack surface and the type of attacks are increasing and changing in near real time. Therefore a specific and automated detection of the threats with recommendations for action is necessary.

Bladerun e-Commerce Cybersecurity Assessment makes websites & stores more secure using:

  • BSI-based, best-practices enriched
    questionnaire with special controls and focused
    questions to cover all risk classes.
  • Automated infrastructure scanners
  • Derivation of recommended actions with prioritization
  • Involvement of certified experts to implement the tasks or support of the internal

Our process model

The way to a successful implementation in two weeks. 

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